lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

THE VIEW are on fire!

I guess I just have to get used to the fact that there're hundreds of amazing cocerts here everyday, not like in Spain... And so I wouldn't be so 'oh-my-godding' everytime I find out that one of my fav bands is performing at my University.
Well... I couldn't stop myself from jumping, singing, running and screaming when I knew that they were performing here:)

One of my fav bands, awesome songwriters, they rock the new indie era, their gigs are insane and
I'm completely and inexplicably hung up on the frontman & singer Kyle Falconer.
I would seriously marry him If I could understand a word when he speaks, but I can't.
Their bloody Scotish accent freaks me out!
Their second album is a 'must' for all the indie kids
These were my sights from the first row
I am amazed by the concert, but dissapointed by their behaviour... But I guess their rude and crazy behaviour was part of the show.
You know Rock Stars can be gods or evils.

Apart from that, I'm really really sorry I haven't updated this lately, but I've been veeeery busy, then concert-going, and then I've been out to London, where I had an amazing time.

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

las fotos son geniales!
un besitto:)

Anónimo dijo...

Me gusta tu estilo rockero, es genial.
Un besito

Anónimo dijo...

cuando uno empieza suele contestar los comentarios...

Alejandra de Andrés dijo...

Tocaya te vuelvo a encontrar , soy nueva en este mundillo ( mas bien universo paralelo jaja ) y me pierdo totalmente.

Suerte que ultimamente estas en todos lados ;)


C.B. dijo...

Oh dios, primer plano del tio tocandose el paquete xD hahaha no les conozco turuu

Elodie... dijo...

thank you so much, i love your blog too (and your lookbook ;))
omg i hate you cause i know this band since 2006 and i'm fonnnd of listening the view, you're so lucky to have saw them !
I guess it was fantastic ? :)