jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

N.E.R.D in Hyde Park

I love that feeling when you've just woken up, look through the window and everything you see is Hyde Park.
It's cloudy outside, it's windy aswell... so what? This is London!

I freakin' love this sweater with pearls!

Pearled Sweater -Vintage (Candem market)
Leggins- Topshop
Shoes - Vintage (Candem market)
Bag - Vintage (Leeds Fashion Fair)
RayBan - Vintage (Candem market)

I got most of the items in Candem Town, London

lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

THE VIEW are on fire!

I guess I just have to get used to the fact that there're hundreds of amazing cocerts here everyday, not like in Spain... And so I wouldn't be so 'oh-my-godding' everytime I find out that one of my fav bands is performing at my University.
Well... I couldn't stop myself from jumping, singing, running and screaming when I knew that they were performing here:)

One of my fav bands, awesome songwriters, they rock the new indie era, their gigs are insane and
I'm completely and inexplicably hung up on the frontman & singer Kyle Falconer.
I would seriously marry him If I could understand a word when he speaks, but I can't.
Their bloody Scotish accent freaks me out!
Their second album is a 'must' for all the indie kids
These were my sights from the first row
I am amazed by the concert, but dissapointed by their behaviour... But I guess their rude and crazy behaviour was part of the show.
You know Rock Stars can be gods or evils.

Apart from that, I'm really really sorry I haven't updated this lately, but I've been veeeery busy, then concert-going, and then I've been out to London, where I had an amazing time.

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

Everything is bigger in Newcastle

Who said southern England is better than Northern??
Northern cities are pretty classy, charming, working class's, big, and party never stops at night.

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

All ripped out

It keeps getting worst. I keep falling down. Seems like I will never be able to get out of here.

Shirt- Vintage
Leather Jacket- Mango
Tights- Calzedonia (ripped by me)
Leather Skirt- Topshop
Booties- Atmosphere

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Vintage Fashion Fair Again!

I went to the Retro-Vintage Fashion Fair yesterday, again. I ran out of money; 2handbags, a skirt, a dress, a belt and some random 70's jewellery.
T-Shirt- H&M basic
Skirt- Vintage market
Belt- Vintage Market
Headband- H&M
Denim Shirt- borrowed from my grandad's wardrobe.