sábado, 2 de mayo de 2009

Does my favoutite Doctor like summer?

Most of you know about my obssesion with Doc.Martens, most of you dont.
The thing is that I think they are so wearable that I can't see the moment
to stop wearing them.
As you can see in the photos below of me and my beloved Docs :)

Now my question is...
Do you think Docs are appropriate for summer too ??I've found some good examples of 'Doc-summer-outfits'

If you want my point of view, I say yes to wearing them in summer; not too much though, but I'll definitely wear them for summer fesivals and stuff like that. Always with cute dresses, short shots or denim skirts, as I think the mix of babydolls/nice clothes with Docs creates a 'cool rebel chic' outfit.